Play by play 

I have begun a new chapter in my life. 
I want so badly to share the details about my day. 
Every last one,
give you my play-by-play. 
I went through how I would even say….
the blue dress I wore,
the anxious waiting,
the sweaty palms,
the parking ticket,
the coursework,​

even the smile I wore

while I drove away…

Thinking of you, always.
How I would say…

Then it hit me,
My heart is sad,
This is not your road to take.
I am lonely for you-
in every way.

I am scared,
I am so fucking scared.
I’d not be here,
had you not walked away.

I will tell you here,
this way.
This broken woman,
is on her way. 

I’d still love to tell you, once more,
my play-by-play. 




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