Rings of memory

What a wonderful piece. I feel this. 🌟

Mistakes & Adventures

A whirlwind swept through my world,
Cleaned me out,
And planted me in damage control,
Left picking up the pieces,
Like a puzzle only I can put together,
Gaps only I can fill,
Previous stories erased,
And blank pages in need of ink.
You used to nourish me,
My daily addiction,
A fulfilment of my soul,
And a tenderness only you could provide.
I stare out the window,
And see the neighbours play,
A breeze toys with the trees,
And I am left hollow,
Carved from memories of what once was,
And could have been.
This room haunts me,
All I see in the clutter is a mug,
The mug you got me,
Circled with brown stains,
Reminders of your frenzied romance,
And how I soared,
With that bitter taste in my mouth,
Made sweet by your lips,
It’s now nothing but a mirage,
A fading moment of passion,

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