It is like I see you,

peering into my soul, 

what is it you see?

watch me.

see what you do to me.

come closer, show me.

how would you like me?

touch me.

unfold me

mold me

unlock my chains

release this chronic pain.

place your hands on my hot skin.

feel my response

hot, sticky, slick.

my skin.. 


taste me.

consume my intensity. 

feast on my soul, 

dive in, 

devour my essence–

 alive under you.

Ignited salty flesh.

the slow burns of desire

spread throughout my body.

bury yourself in my deepest parts,

as wants become needs, 

and whispers become screams,

hear me.

soft murmurs in your neck, 

unspoken desire in my eyes.

the pounding in my chest

cries of your name, 

escaping from my lips 

It’s like I see you, 

peering into my soul.

you may have all of me.

… take me with you. 


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