Beyond this life

Will the story be written?

Long after the thurible burns and the earth settles.
Will the songs be sung and memories run long?
Long after my physical being is laid to rest?
Will the light shine and light the path?
The climb is worth the fight.
High above the sun, I will meet you.
Among the stars, the vast sky.
I will meet you, beyond time.
Eternal peace, for souls once lost.
Found in love.
Do not ever mourn, for a heart that was full.
You gave me value.
My love for you.
One minute of love is worth every stumble.
Every setback.. You showed me how.
Digging deep into my core.
I found you.
Inside of things, I’ve always known.
Meet me above the sun.
The story will be written.
Above time and pain.
Beyond the noises that grip our minds.
All past’s forgotten.
It was you, I was meant to find.
I will wait for you,
forever and a day.
I have really not ever known any other way.
To love wholly, without fear.
I will wait, wait for you there.

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